The organisation of Høyre

A political party is a community of people where individuals agree on many vital questions and feel they have a basic common view on the society.

The party becomes a foundation for co-operation, common opinions lead to action. By increasing the number of supporters, the chances for success increases. Behind the elected organs, where people can follow the political discussion and see the result of the party’s activity, there is a democratic party organization. Approximately 32.000 paying members in Høyre are organized in about 400 local party units.

The top organ in Høyre is the National Convention which assembles once a year. Delegates from the county organizations, members of the Parliament representing Høyre, The Central Board and Cabinet Ministers (when in Government) attend the National Convention. The National Convention adopts the party platform, elects the party leader every second year, adopts laws, discuss important political issues and adopts statements from the party.

The upper organ of the party between every National Convention is the Central Board. According to party rules the Central Board shall meet at least seven times a year. The Central Board consists largely of representatives from every county, and members of the Executive Committee.

The Central Board deals with important matters of organizational work, like plans, budget etc. Additionally the Central Board always discusses the political situation and takes part in drawing up the broader political lines.

The daily work in the party is led by the Executive Committee with its leader, deputy leaders, a Committee member, the leader of the Parliamentary Group, Leader of the Conservative Women Network, leader of Young Conservatives and possible leader of Government. The Executive Committee meets every week and treats all current matters of political, organizational and administrative character.

In general you will find similar organs, Convention, Board and Executive Committee at county and municipal level in Høyre.

The organization and the tasks

The political work in Høyre takes place at three levels; national, county and municipal. National politics is based upon the platform passed by the National Convention. The county politics is based upon the county platform. Our representatives in the municipal councils follow the platforms made up and passed by the local party units. Before the sessions, either held in Parliament or in city halls, there are caucus meetings of party representatives where current matters are discussed within the party. Although the representatives are elected by the people the party has the responsibility for the platform, which is presented to the voters before each election.

Høyre has local units in just about every municipality in the country and a secretariat in most counties. The elected representatives have the local political and organizational responsibility in the party. In a relatively big organisation like Høyre, with approximately 32.000 members and activities to win even more members and voters, a solid and continuous work from each local unit is quite necessary. There are about 10.000 active members who take part in this work.