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This is the official website for the Conservative Party of Norway – Høyre.

“The Conservative Party will pursue a conservative progressive policy based on Christian cultural values, constitutional government and democracy to promote personal freedom and social responsibility, co-determination and ownership rights, and a binding commitment to national and international cooperation.”

The Conservative Party’s mission statement

In the 2021 parliamentary election, Høyre obtained 20,6 percent of the votes, and 36 members in the present Storting

The Politics – Believe in Norway

Creating new jobs  

Høyre’s goal is to ensure a respectable balance between the need for fundamental labour rights and to safeguard the flexibility of existing and new businesses.  

Being able to work provides a secure basis for personal development and freedom.  This is, in addition, crucial in order to guarantee future welfare. Hence, we need to protect and develop exciting jobs at the same time as new ones are created. 

We need to encourage entrepreneurship and startups, and ensure that our enterprises enjoy opportunities for growth. Høyre wants a broader labor market, with a larger part of the population to be included in the work force than today. 

Norwegian ownership 

Private ownership is the fundament for future welfare and prosperity in Norway. In extension, we have to ensure that the environment for Norwegian capital and ownership are to enjoy better conditions in the times to come. For us this is an essential part of developing new and secure domestic jobs. 

Therefore Høyre supports polices which aim to ensure sustainable Norwegian ownership. The most important role for the government is to draw the frame of laws and paint solid conditions with regards to bolster up business. Labor is the foundation of welfare, safety and dignity.  That is why we need a taxation system which benefits companies in order to generate new jobs and work opportunities. 

  • Safeguard jobs through prudent economic management and good conditions for enterprises
  • Encourage and make provisions for more start-ups and enterprises
  • Continue the large investment in research and development 
  • Continue the efforts to simplify and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy  
  • Increase the efficiency of the public sector 
  • Introduce moderate cuts in the total level of taxes 
  • Ensure the taxation system is conducive to value creation, new jobs and social mobility

Improving education

Høyre’s ambition is to make the Norwegian education system world leading. We aim to fulfill this goal through prioritizing knowledge and basic skills from early stages starting in kindergarten and primary school. 

Knowledge is crucial, not only for one’s self-esteem and independence, but also for society. Not to mention for our children to reach their potential, dreams and ambitions. Also in regards to fight and prevent inequality and social exclusion, education is key. 

Compared to the rest of the world, Norway’s education system is already one of the best. However, we are still facing great challenges. Too many children are left behind from early stages and too many end schooling before graduation. Our goal is to increase the learning outcome of children and make sure as many as possible graduate upper secondary school, enabling them with the tools necessary to qualify for future employment.     

Higher education 

Higher education should be free and available to everyone, regardless of background, gender or personal economy. Høyre aims to increase investments and quality in higher education institutions and financial support of research and science. In addition we are prioritizing affordable housing for students. 

  • Establish key performance indicators to monitor kindergartens and strengthen the principle of learning through play in kindergarten 
  • Ensure the resources for special needs education benefits the pupils who need extra help
  • Ensure that by 2030 at least nine out of then pupils who start upper secondary education and training will complete their course of study and pass upper secondary school leaving examination. 
  • Aim to ensure that all teachers are specialized in the subjects they are teaching 

Improving social health services 

The public sector is responsible for providing medical treatment for everyone who requires it. Health services must be organized in a manner which gives everyone access to high-quality medical assistance, regardless of the state of their personal finances. The welfare system must give people a new chance and instead of shutting them out of the labor market.

Faster and better treatment for everyone

We want to create more patient-focused and self-determined health services, and to continue working on reducing the number of days people have to wait in order to get treatment.   To ensure qualified treatment to those who require it as fast as possible, Høyre wants to include private and ideal health facilitators a long side with the public sector. 

Parliamentary election manifesto 2021-2025

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