Ten good reasons to vote for the Conservative Party of Norway (Høyre)

Our vision for Norway is a society with opportunities for all.

Kvinne peker på tavle og smiler

Voters this year will have a choice between Erna’s effective leadership, and an uncertain coalition between the Labour Party (AP), the Centre Party (SP), Socialist Left Party (SV) and the Red Party (Rødt).  

The Country needs strong leadership and a steady course as we seek to bring Norway up to speed after the pandemic

Høyre wants to: 

1. Jobs

Make it easier to create new jobs throughout the country and offer more opportunities in the labour market.

2. School

Prioritise knowledge in the school system, offer training tailored to each pupil’s individual needs, and ensure that all teachers are academically up to date.

3. Health

Provide good and early health care, and allow patients more freedom to choose their treatment offer.

4. Climate

Cut emissions in half by 2030, and making it profitable to choose climate-friendly options.

5. Bureaucracy

Cut unnecessary bureaucracy and provide you with a simpler everyday life.

6. Police

Double the police force countrywide, reduce part time employment, and increase the number of patrol vehicles.

7. Infrastructure

Connect urban and rural areas more closely through roads, railways, airports and harbors.

8. Working life and welfare

Provide necessary help to everyone who experience difficulties in health, education, work or their social life

9. Public transportation

Make public transportation services so good that more people are able to leave the car at home.

10. Defence

Ensure Norway’s safety through a strong defence.